NKOTP – Comedy Podcast Episode 8

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Hey we’re back!!! After a 2-week hiatus we’re back at an unusual time and day. On this Episode of NKOTP we talk about why we were missing. We also talk about teachers having relations with their students and the youngest girl to have a child from Peru. Surprisingly we have 2 callers call in as well. Tony and Momba answer a question from a girl who wants to know what to do with a guy that has a lot of pictures with other girls.

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No Podcast Thursday 1-29 but it’s ok.

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There is not going to be a podcast again today, BUT don’t fret my pet. We’ll be back Saturday with a brand spanking new episode of New Kids on the Pod. We have a great show for you guys. I know you missed us, we missed you too. So the long wait is over and we’re back and better than ever. Make sure you listen on Saturday. Oh and we’ll be taking calls on Friday. Make sure you stay tuned in on Facebook (facebook.com/nkotp1) to see what time we’ll be taking calls. The # is 774-40NKOTP.

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We love you <3

No episode today 1-15-15

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Sorry guys the New Kids are not having an episode this week due Tony D being killed by a Yeti in Colorado while snowboarding. Just Kidding!!! We are taking your surveys to heart and are in the process of tweaking the show a tad because you told us we suck and need to get our act together. We will hopefully be back next week with an all new episode or we’ll be cancelled by the FCC forever (sadface). So here’s your chance to catch up on all the episodes you missed!!! You’re welcome. In a terrible terrible world thanks to The New Kids on the Pod. It may not be the podcast you want but it’s the one you need.

NKOTP – Comedy Podcast Episode 7

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On this episode of New Kids on the Pod we have a live studio audience again. The audience included CHRIS!!! We talk about our new years and the survey we posted. Tony and Chris told stories about each other. NKOTP had the first annual spelling bee Tony vs Momba. Listen to see who wins, it is hilarious.

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NKOTP – Comedy Podcast Episode 6

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On this episode of NKOTP we have our first live studio audience. We also talk about our holiday and Mamba being named Nigel. NKOTP is afraid of being hacked my North Korea and Mamba keeps mouth breathing. We also answer 2 questions. Why is Mamba so gay? If a girl should get her bf a promise ring as well. Hope you enjoy and laugh with us here at New Kids on the Pod.

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